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An in-depth online course providing hands-on learning and expert advice to help teachers start their own business and achieve the autonomy and financial lifestyle they deserve.

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You are a leader.

If you’re a teacher looking to earn the income you deserve with a flexible schedule without being reliant on a GIANT corporation and their ever-changing policies, you already know that you need to make a step toward independence.

You already know that the online business world, especially in the education sector, is booming. You've seen the spotlight shone on it during the pandemic.

You already know other online teachers have created businesses that serve the teaching community, and are thriving.​ And you know that you could do it, too.

Enough is enough.

Let's be honest, you are exhausted.

You want more time with your family, to be there for your kids, but you also REALLY need more sleep.

You are discouraged.

You've put in hundreds of hours prepping, teaching, and learning how to be a better teacher, only to find out you can never get a raise or advance.

You feel betrayed.

You've built relationships with your students and created loyalty, but now you're blocked from their schedule and they're seeing new teachers.

Now Is The Time

Teachers are moving their classrooms online at an unprecedented rate. Whether through the public school systems or private companies, there is a huge opportunity to serve the online teaching world through your own business. New teaching companies continue to pop up and compete with each other, creating boundless new opportunities to serve teachers within those companies. Remember Feedback Panda? It specifically served the online ESL teaching world, was started by a teacher, and was acquired by a capital investment firm. ​ The hardest problems are solved by teachers. The best solutions are created by teachers. Your ideas are exactly what teachers need.

This won't be easy.

Change is never comfortable. Building a business takes time, sacrifice, and discomfort. But the only failure is failing to try. Courage is not a trait, it's a skill. 

I want your only regret to be not starting sooner.

Because you're not the type to hold back because of fear, and you know how much worse regret feels than fear. You remember how nervous you felt before you applied to teach, and how success is always on the other side of that fear.

Doing something a little bit scary usually means you're about to do something significant. 

Hold on to that feeling.

Because you're about to do something incredible.


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